How To Organize Cookie Cutters

Spend less time hunting for the right cutter and more time decorating cookies

How To Organize Cookie Cutters

When decorating cookies, it can be hard to remember what cookie cutters you have and find the right one for the job. You may wonder, “Do I have a ghost cutter?” or “What cutters should I bring to the decorating party?”. Wouldn’t it be great if you can see at a glance what cutters you have and what you are missing? Instead of searching through your bins and having cutters strewn all over the place?

Introducing Peeknest – a visual inventory app that helps you organize all your cookie cutters in one place, so you can remember what cutters you have and find the one you're looking for in seconds.

The best part? It's super easy to use, so you can start organizing now.

A visual catalog of cookie cutters | Peeknest

STEP 1: Download Peeknest

Search for "Peeknest" in the App Store or tap on the link below 👇

‎Peeknest - Inventory Tracker
‎Peeknest is the easiest way to keep track of what you have, where you have it, and how much it’s worth. It makes organizing your stuff incredibly simple, social and fun! SEE ALL YOUR THINGSPeek inside your closet while you’re a thousand miles away. Find things you packed away without touching a…

Once you’re in the app, create a Peeknest account to get started!

STEP 2: Create your nests

One of the best things about Peeknest is that you can create nests to organize your stuff. Nests are like folders to help you organize your items. Here, your nests can be based on types of cookie cutters (shapes, alphabets, numbers), themes (Christmas, Halloween, etc.), or projects (dinosaur party, baby shower). You get to pick!

Nests live in spaces. Each space can have its set of nests. You can have as many spaces as you like or just stick with one space that you use for all your cookie cutters.

Go ahead and create a Cookie Cutters space by tapping the "+" button at the upper left corner of Peeknest. A list of templates will appear. Select the ‘Cookie Cutter’ template to create your space. We’ll use this template as a starting point.

The Cookie Cutter template comes with pre-made nests for the most popular cookie cutter categories. Take a moment to customize the nests based on the types of cookie cutters you have or projects you are working on. Once done, get ready to nest!

It’s time to add your cutters!

For each nest, gather all the cutters that belongs to the nest and lay them on a flat surface, this will make it easier to capture them into Peeknest.

Once your cutters are ready, go inside the nest and tap on the yellow ‘+’ button to start adding your cutters.

All your cookie cutters are now organized and searchable.

You can use Peeknest to organize more than just cookie cutters. You can use it to keep track of your cookie decorating supplies such as stamps, gels, stencils and more. You can also list what shapes, tools or supplies you’re missing, so when you’re shopping you will know exactly what to get!

Organizing with Peeknest is game-changing. You’ll spend less time hunting for the right cutter and more time decorating cookies!